Baltic16: Prostate, bladder studies lead best posters winners

Baltic16: Prostate, bladder studies lead best posters winners

Lithuania and host country Estonia bagged the top two prizes in the best poster presentation awards at the 3rd EAU Baltic Meeting which ended today in Tallinn, Estonia.

Studies in prostate and bladder cancers were cited for their insights and innovative approaches by the jury. Below is the complete list of winners:

Karl Storz Best Poster Presentation Awards

Milonas, Z. Venclovas, P. Aniulis, M. Jievaltas (Kaunas, Lithuania)

First Prize for: ‘Validation of risk nomogram to predict lymph node invasion in prostate cancer patients undergoing lymph node dissection’

Korrovits, O. Poolamets, R. Mändar, M. Punab (Tartu, Tallinn, Estonia)

Second Prize for: ‘Diagnostic thresholds for detecting inflammation in prostate-specific material – method standardization and proposed optimal cut-off points’

L.N. Suslov, A.I. Rolevich, I.A. Zelenkevich, S.L. Polyakov, S.A. Krasny, O.G. Sukonko (Minsk, Belarus)

Third Prize for: ‘ Long-term functional outcomes of nephron sparring surgery for renal masses in the solitary kidney. ‘


Berlin Chemie Best Poster Presentation Awards

Ots, Ž. Riispere, M. Sokirjanski, A. Peetsalu (Tartu, Estonia)

First Prize for: ‘Transition of NMIBC grading system from 1973 to 2004 WHO classification in Tartu 2010-2013’

Barisiene, A. Cerniauskiene, A. Matulevicius (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Second Prize for: ‘Complications and its treatment after midurethral sling implantation using retropubic and transobturator route for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence’

I.Vaivode, M. Jakubovskis, M. Sperga, J. Auzinš, K. Petersons, S. Donina, D. Baltina, V. Lietuvietis (Riga, Latvia)

Third Prize for: ‘Are small renal masses always harmless and large ones threatening?