Hands-on Training courses

ESU and ESUT Hands-on training on Laparoscopy and Ureterorenoscopy

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Course Coordinator:   T. Ribeiro de Oliveira, Lisbon (PT)
Room  : Gamma

Friday 27 May 2022
Chair   : T. Ribeiro de Oliveira, Lisbon (PT)

08.45 – 10.15
Course 1 on Laparoscopy
Tutor: R. Ots, Tartu (EE)
Course 1 on Ureterorenoscopy
Tutor: A. Ahlberg, Tallinn (EE)

10.45 – 12.15
Course 2 on Laparoscopy
Tutor: P. Vaganovs, Riga (LT)
Course 2 on Ureterorenoscopy

Tutor: L. Redmanis, Riga (LT)

13.00 – 14.30
Course 3 on Laparoscopy
Tutor: A. Bakavicius, Vilnius (LT) 
Course 3 on Ureterorenoscopy
Tutor: A. Maciulis, Kaunas (LT)

Laparoscopy course
With surgical training, the goal is to produce a surgeon who is highly competent and confident in performing laparoscopic procedures; and thereby mitigate the risks of complications. Because of the specific risks, visuospatial relationships, and the steep learning curve that are unique to laparoscopy, hands-on training on a box or visual simulator is the recommended way to start learning laparoscopic skills.

The European training in basic laparoscopic urological skills (E-BLUS) is a programme offered to residents and urologists who want to improve the basic skills in laparoscopy. It is a unique opportunity to train with international experts in laparoscopy. The E-BLUS programme includes:
– Hands-on Training (HOT) courses of different levels carried out under the guidance of experienced tutors
– A set of training-box exercises developed and validated by the Dutch project Training in Urology (TiU) to train basic skills needed in urological laparoscopy
– E-BLUS examination and certification
– An online theoretical course

This training curriculum has the goal to provide the clinician with proficiency skills in the treatment of urinary stones with endoscopic techniques. This protocol has been designed following a very strict process, in order to mitigate the risks of complications related to the learning curve process. Moving along the different tasks and training steps, the participant will learn how to use the different instruments and technologies that can be functional to stone fragmentation and extraction.

EST s1
The EST s1 (Endoscopic Stone Treatment step 1) is the first step of this training and assessment curriculum. Its structure offers a unique opportunity to those who want to learn the basics of endoscopy, with focus on urinary stone treatment. The EST s1 includes:
– Basic Hands-on Training (HOT) courses carried out under the guidance of experienced tutors
– A set of four dry lab exercises developed and validated by the ESU training group in collaboration with ESUT and EULIS



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