• 5th Baltic Meeting in conjunction with the EAU

    25-26 May 2018 Riga, Latvia

Welcome to the 5th Baltic Meeting in conjunction with the EAU

From 25-26 May 2018 Riga, Latvia will host the 5th Baltic meeting showcasing the dynamic work being done by urologists in the region.

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from Riga!

On behalf of the European Association of Urology (EAU), the Latvian Urological Association, Lithuanian Society of Urologists, and the Estonian Urological Society, we welcome you to the 5th EAU Baltic Meeting (Baltic18).

The Baltic meeting, annually organised in conjunction with the EAU, provides proof of the dynamic work being done by urologists in the region. Moreover, this annual meeting serves as an effective platform for young and experienced urologists and healthcare professionals from related disciplines to share experiences and insights on the various challenges they encounter in daily clinical work.

Riga is proud to host for the second time since 2015 this fifth edition of the Baltic meeting which, in the last five years, has attracted the active participation and growing interest not only of local urologists but also of their colleagues from other countries.

The rapid evolution of developments in urology and its sub-specialties challenges us to update our stock knowledge and acquire new skills in diagnosis and treatment. Evidence-based treatment strategies is not only required as we are also expected to deliver optimal treatment at a time when new technology makes it possible to offer more accurate diagnostic procedures.

In this meeting, the Scientific Programme will tackle key issues and developments in uro-oncology, functional urology, and other areas where critical assessment is needed. The  European School of Urology (ESU) also offers laparoscopy courses and hands-on training that will benefit those who intend to refine their skills or learn new techniques.

Exchange of knowledge, expertise and best practices are only possible if we share the outcomes of our researches and collaborate in international studies. Your participation in the abstract poster sessions is invaluable, and the best of these presentations will be recognized not only with financial prizes but also with the esteem of your colleagues in the Baltic region and beyond.

We do not only look forward to your participation in Baltic18 but also hope that this event will be a source of inspiration for you and your colleagues to further improve urological care and boost the contact among urologists and healthcare professionals.

From Latvia and the Baltic countries, we hope to welcome you in Riga!

Dr. Peteris Vaganovs Chairman, 5th EAU Baltic Meeting
Dr. Peteris Vaganovs
Chairman, 5th EAU Baltic Meeting



3 Reasons not to miss Baltic18

Mentored training and comprehensive updates


With the collaboration of the European School of Urology, laparoscopy training is offered to participants by expert mentors. Updates from opinion leaders and resource speakers on key advances in urology also make this meeting a unique educational event.

Focus on innovative research studies


As a regional event, the latest research work done by specialists in the region on various topics in urology are not only presented but are discussed in a critical but friendly atmosphere. Learn from the discussions and share knowledge with your colleagues!

Insights from young and veteran urologists


Direct feedback from the faculty and participants helps expand your views on contemporary urology. Both upcoming and experienced urologists participate in this meeting that aims to assess current therapies and identify emerging management options.