Sponsoring & Exhibition


The Estonian Urological Association and the European Association of Urology (EAU) offers companies various opportunities to support Baltic19, ranging from sponsoring scientific sessions and awards to placing promotional advertisements. Please contact the sales and marketing department of the EAU Office or Dr. Andres Kotsar, president of the Latvian Urological Association, to receive further details about the available options and the prices.

Mr. Pieter van  Niel
E: p.vanniel@uroweb.org
T: +31 (0)26 389 0680

Dr. Andres Kotsar
E: andres.kotsar@kliinikum.ee


The local organising committee invites pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of technical equipment and software as well as publishers of scientific books to exhibit their products at the exhibition to be organised at the meeting venue.

For more information with regard to exhibition availability, please contact:
Dr. Andres Kotsar, andres.kotsar@kliinikum.ee